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Engineer with wide experiences seeks a new job!

Engineer with wide experiences seeks a job!

Due to the international financial crisis my employer no longer exists. I am looking for a new employment, preferably as development and/or test engineer or design engineer of analog electronics, but I am open minded...

The last ten years I have been employed at a minor engineering and consulting company where my main responsibilities covered data acquisition, testing, education and instrumentation. Our main costumers were focused at heavy machinery and construction equipment, but we also had customers from the transport sector (ground, rail, air and sea), energy sector and medical sector as well.

I did not enter the engineering company empty handed. In the luggage I had experiences from electronic design as well as almost ten years of work with microbiology and before that I had been a teacher in electronics.

A brief alphabetic list of my experiences:
Analogue electronics is what I am familiar with both designing and repairing, but naturally some digital technology and micro processor stuff has been on my drawing board as well as on the workbench.
Analyse tools has normally been specialised software, but of course a lot can be done in spread sheets.
Adapting and preparing sensors and gages e.g. strain gages, thermo couples and accelerometers has been a part of my job.
Designing mechanics as well as hydraulics and electronics is on my list of experiences.
Documentation has always been essential in test and analysis as well as during the pre-studies and preparations.
Experience from 30 years of data acquisition from a very wide field, covering microbiology, analytical chemistry, mechanical structural analysis and acoustic.
Instruments has mostly been based on computer platform and specialised for their task by hard and/or software where some amplifiers and acquisition systems I had build my selves, as had I written some of the software.
Education and training of customer staff in various disciplines have I done and I have experiences from a couple of years as professional teacher.
English is not my native language, but I believe I’m doing my best.
Fermentors for microbiology research have been designed and built by me in various materials such s glass, stainless steel and even plastic.
Field test is the usual form of getting data for structural analysis and life span estimation as well as for doing energy balance estimations.
Gas chromatography and liquid chromatography (HPLC) as well as atom absorption spectrography and mass spectrography is known technology for me, but it was some time ago that I maintained such equipment.
Indirect methods of retrieving data are normal when the studied object or parameter can’t be accessed directly.
International experiences from France and Germany is in my book, but I prefers to work in Sweden, where I live and after spending more than 200 nights at hotels every year it would be nice to have a job nearby, but I'm open for suggestions.

Workshop labour as milling and turning (manually and CNC) have I done in metal or plastic if the workshop staff had been occupied ant timing critical.
Method development and evaluation have been performed in cooperation with customers or by me.
Offer preparations and pre-studies had been on my list of responsibilities.
Test planning had been a part of most assignments.
Product modifications has often been the result if estimated lifespan or function not fulfilled the specifications for the objects I studied or if other advantages as price, methods of assembly, possibilities of maintenance etc. had been obvious.
Report writing had been a natural task.
Sensors for among others dO have I built as have I put together equipment for glucose analysis.
Service and maintenance of test equipment had also been a part of the daily routine.
Sterile environment and equipment as well as various types of bio technology are familiar since I worked several years with R&D in microbiology before I got hooked on mechanics and hydraulics.
Test rigs have I designed, repaired and/or manoeuvred to verify estimated life or other parameters as heat transfer capacity, corrosion, vibration endurance, wear, etc.

To the list above I can ad experiences and hobbies: Farming, flying (my PPL just expired), mountain hiking and writing.

Contact info:
Jan Sjöholm
+46 70 6575297
Berga 415, SE24191 Eslöv